Jaipuri Kurta

3C’s That Will Up Your Style and Fashion Game

Every woman desires to become a stylish icon. But it is not always the truth that if you follow the path of complexities, then it can lead you to be a fashionable chic. If you are simple and appreciate a subtle and effortless look, then that’s your style. Never adjust yourself according to the world; make your own statement following these three simple C’s that is uncomplicated and facile. 


When it comes to fashion and style, it is not always necessary to wear something complex; you can also look stylish in your daily wears if paired well. Basically, it all depends upon your comfort. If you are comfortable enough carrying your outfit according to your personal way, you will always look naturally stunning and gorgeous. 

Be it printed, plain, sparkling, formal, informal, or aesthetic – All you need to do is just pick your comfort style and slay the world. Make a statement with subtle colors, the right accessories, favorite hairstyle matching your outfit. 

Comfort in style cannot be achieved overnight, but you can surely get to know your comfort clothes by spending a little time knowing about your likes and dislikes. 

ethnic dress


No matter how you wear, what you wear, and where you wear, if you are confident carrying your attire, nobody can stop you from stealing the spotlight. There is never a fixed rule to wear any dress; you can also put your own spin to wear something extraordinary that pleases your style. 

Your confidence is your strength, and let the public around you adjust. Feel proud and confident just the way you are! 

kurta set


Never stop yourself from being creative and experimental; always seek opportunities to create something fresh, new, and subtle styles to look splendid yet opulent. 

Using creative assortments and the right accessories, you can curate a unique yet bold look like none other. Embrace your body type and style by matching miscellaneous masterpieces together from a scratch.

Suit set

You cannot achieve these essential 3C’s overnight, but you can surely make a difference by doing a bit every day knowing about different comfortable, fashionable, and creative styles. Set your soul on fire, carrying the glamorous style of your comfort!  

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